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Nano-coating Waterproof Suitable 7 To 43kg Dogs High Collar Hooded Wrap Leg Adjustable Raincoat Jacket Jumpsuit Clothes For Pets


SKU: 1005002003455420 Category:
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Material: Polyester
  • Model Number: 18/20/22/24/26/28/30
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Name:: All-inclusive dog raincoat
  • Color:: red, green, yellow
  • Fabric:: polyester tarpaulin
  • Product code:: A0088
  • Product application:: dog
  • Product size:: 6 sizes
  • Features:: waterproof, all-inclusive, breathable, quick-drying
  • waterproof, all-inclusive, breathable, q: 7-43 kg

Nano-coating Waterproof Suitable 7 To 43kg Dogs High Collar Hooded Wrap Leg Adjustable Raincoat Jacket Jumpsuit Clothes For Pets

1. Neck circumference: the circumference of the chest after the pet's front leg (the part that must be the widest). The small dog should relax 1CM, the medium dog relax 2-3 cm, remember not to be too tight.

2. Length / back length / body length: pet back length – can refer to the upward adjustment

3. Neck circumference / neck circumference: pet neck circumference (can be relaxed 1-2 cm)

Does your family love this kind of encounter?

1. Dogs can only be at home on rainy days.

2. Rainy dogs can only urinate at home

3. When it’s raining, the dog is full of mud.

4. It’s easy to get sick when it’s raining.

a raincoat,More protection,Waterproof fabric,High-density waterproof fabric, lotus leaf water repellent,Breathable comfort

Nano layer technology, breathable and soft and comfortable,Windproof technology,High quality fabric to withstand strong winds

All-inclusive design, waterproof and rainproof, not afraid of rain,Back zipper design, not easy to stick hair, easy to put on and take off, prevent rain from seeping in.The zipper sill design, in the process of pulling the zipper, the dog's hair is not easy to roll into the zipper.Designed for male dogs, the seams are reserved in the abdomen position of the all-inclusive raincoat, which is convenient for the male dog to urinate and not splash on the body.

Name: All-inclusive raincoat

Color: yellow, green, red

Fabric: polyester tarpaulin

Washing instructions:Hand wash,Do not bleach,Color separation washing

Tips: After cleaning the product, please do not expose to the sun. It is recommended to buy two pieces for washing.

Comfortable dogs, effectively prevent the dog from splashing in the rain when running outdoors.

Product details:

1. Removable design, raincoat hat with split design for easy wear and tear.

2. The design of the seaming, the abdomen is reserved for the seam, and can be cut along the circle to facilitate the convenience of the male dog.

3. The design of the traction rope, the traction hole in the neck, and the tarpaulin cover, easy to pull out on rainy days.

4. Leaky tail design, with a tight leaking tail hole at the end, which is convenient for dogs to pull stinky and comfortable to wear.

1. Now wear the front legs

2. Wear your hind legs and your feet are neatly dressed.

3. Pull the back zipper up

4. Finally put on the hat and get it.



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